About Us

CabinPageBannerBeaver Cut Products is an independent sign company with art and design studios and production shop located in Minnesota.

We design and manufacture custom carved cedar signs in a wide range of size, price and style for individuals, organizations and businesses. Every sign is a custom order, individually designed, carved, and finished by hand with personalized text and imagery. No order is too small – a large percentage of our work comes from individuals seeking custom carved wood cabin signs, farm or ranch signs, or signs for organizations of all sizes.

Our beautifully finished signs are deeply carved on high quality red cedar. Each sign is carved individually using a process we call Erosion Carving.  Together with hand-carved detailing, our process emulates the forces of nature to create unique carvings of  lasting natural beauty.  Each sign is finished with a durable UV resistant waterproof seal that preserves the color for many years with minimal maintenance

Every custom order begins with a concept from the customer, either based on a design from our galleries, or using imagery that has special meaning. Orders are created using our confidential ORDER FORM. Custom orders are reviewed and quoted. Quotes include the base price of the sign, and any additional charge for custom artwork. If the artwork already exists in our large artwork library it is included at no additional charge. Unusual imagery or fully custom artwork is created by our professional artists for an additional hourly fee, which is estimated at the time of quoting.

When the quote has been approved by the customer we will begin the design process and create any necessary artwork.  Customers are sent proofs for review, and are allowed three free proofing cycles. Additional revisions may be charged an additional fee, depending on complexity of the change.

After approval of the design, we ask two weeks to produce the sign ready for shipping. Shipments generally take from 1-5 days in the continental US and Canada.

For businesses seeking affordable and unique signage, we provide graphic services such as optimization of your logo to suit the carving process, or logo design. We can also provide original artwork for your custom project. We are capable of producing fairly large signs, and large business signage is quoted on an individual basis.

Link to our order form: http://www.beavercutproducts.com/buildyoursign

To view a gallery of our work and to learn more about us visit our website at: http://www.beavercutproducts.com

More galleries and stories about individual projects are located on our Facebook page: Facebook/BeaverCutProducts and on WordPress: https://beavercutproducts.wordpress.com


4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I am looking at getting a price for 10 to 20 wood signs on a post for a landscaping business. We deal with high end residential and commercial sites and we need to be able to use them for advertising. I was wondering how much a 6″ by 18″ sign with our logo on it with a phone number and a some words? I look forward in talking with you.


  2. Hello! I am looking for a personalized sign that says “Brennan’s Shop” with an etching of a 71 chevy nova. Do you think this is something you can do?

    Thanks so much!

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